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Online Courses are delivered entirely over the Internet and are the educational equivalent of traditionally delivered courses. The enticement of an online course is that your attendance on campus is not required. This allows you the flexibility to fit a college course into your busy schedule, saving time and travel expenses. Class is held when you have time whether early in the morning before work, after dinner, or after the late news.

Please note: some courses may have specific requirements such as proctored exams or require specific software packages. For more information on a specific course, please contact the course instructor.

Online Course Facts

  • All online courses have a definite beginning and ending date, the same as on-campus courses. You should logon and "attend" on the first day of classes.
  • There are definite due dates for assignments and tests. Often an assignment is due within a few days of the first day of class.
  • Educational activities take place using digital technology and are usually packaged in a course or learning management system such as Canvas. The tools available may include:
    * Course information delivery using text, images, audio, video, animation, gaming, wikis, and blogs.
    * Communication tools such as email, discussion forums, chat rooms, virtual classrooms, and video conferencing.
    * Electronically submitted papers, tests, quizzes, and assignments.

    Course administrative functions including enrollment and grading. Additional tools and resources may be required by your instructor. Please read the syllabus carefully for course expectations.

Online courses are identified by the course section number as follows:


Number On Campus Meetings

Section Number





300, 301, 302, etc.

CIS 111 300

Winter session section numbers are 230, 231, 232, etc.


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Winter 2015

Introduction to Contemporary BusinessBUS 101300TBAWinter 2015Business
Introduction to Contemporary BusinessBUS 101301TBAWinter 2015Business
Organization and ManagementBUS 105300TBAWinter 2015Business
Business And TechnologyBUS 110301TBAWinter 2015Business
Business Law IBUS 201300TBAWinter 2015Business
Business Law IBUS 201301TBAWinter 2015Business
General PsychologyPSY 101300TBA Winter 2015Psychology
General PsychologyPSY 101301TBAWinter 2015Psychology
Human Life Span DevelopmentPSY 204301TBAWinter 2015Psychology
Principles of SociologySOC 101300TBAWinter 2015Sociology
Human Life Span DevelopmentPSY 204300TBAWinter 2015Psychology
Organization and Management BUS 105 301TBAWinter 2015Business
Business And Technology BUS 110  300TBAWinter 2015Business