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Blended Learning Courses combine traditional on-campus class meetings with online course learning. Blended Learning courses give you the opportunity to experience learning in an online environment while also meeting with an instructor. This introduction to online learning may help you to discover whether you like online learning and would like to try a course offered totally online.

 Blended Learning courses are a full semester in length and offer three class meeting options:

        • 14 class meetings
        • 7 class meetings
        • 4 class meetings

Each class meeting is 80* minutes in length with a final exam scheduled during the college's exam week.

How do I know if I've registered for a Blended Learning course?
Look at the course section number. It is the key. See examples below.


Number On Campus Meetings

Section Number



Blended Learning


390, 391, 392, etc.

CIS 111 390

Meets once a week for 80 minutes or *about 50% of traditional course meetings. Winter sessions begin with section number 290.


380, 381, 382, etc.

MAT 015 380

Meets every other week for 80 minutes.


370, 371, 372, etc

ENG 089 370

Meets weeks 1, 5, 9 & 13 for 80 minutes.