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American Sign Lang III (ASL-201)
This course is a continuation of ASL II. It is designed to develop further competencies in ASL; expanding the emphasis on ASL grammar and vocabulary development as well as Deaf Community and culture. Students will experience additional in-depth receptive and expressive skill development. Development of advanced signing skills include topicalization of health, drug use, money/business, etc. Dialogue, short stories, narratives, and conversations will be featured throughout the course. Students will be required to interact with the Deaf Community in real-life situations enhancing their awareness, application, and sensitivity toward various aspects of ASL and Deaf Culture. Prerequisite: ASL 103. Corequisite: ASL 205. 2 lecture and 2 laboratory hours per week. 3 credit hours.

Course Name: ASL-201
Departments: Psychology-Sociology
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Prerequisites: ASL-103
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