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ASL Classifiers (ASL-104)
This course will expand on understanding the principles of Classifiers, an integral part of American Sign Language (ASL), knowing how to identify different types of ASL Classifiers, and application of ASL Classifiers. Students will learn and apply the three types of classifiers, learn and use the representative classifiers (animate and inanimate), descriptive classifiers (size-and-shape, extent, perimeter, and pattern and texture), and instrumental classifiers. This course will provide hands-on experiences and skill building activities needed for appropriate classifier use applied to complex descriptions and images. Eye gaze, role shifting, spatial referencing and appropriate use of ASL Classifiers in storytelling and different genres will also be covered.

Course Name: ASL-104
Departments: Psychology-Sociology
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Prerequisites: Prerequisite 1: ASL-101; Prerequisite 2: ASL-102
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