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American Sign Lang II (ASL-103)
This course is a continuation of ASL I (ASL 101). It is designed to develop further competency in ASL above the basic level. Students will be exposed to ASL transcription symbols, sentence types, non-manual behaviors, time, pronominalization, subjects and objects, classifiers, locatives, pluralization, temporal and distributional aspects. Some information about the Deaf Community and its culture will also be featured throughout the course. Receptive and expressive sign vocabulary will be featured through class activities leading to basic conversational skills in ASL. Students will be expected to interact with the Deaf Community in real-life situations, thereby enhancing their awareness of and sensitivity toward various aspects of Deaf Culture and ASL.

Course Name: ASL-103
Departments: Psychology-Sociology
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Course Locations:
Prerequisites: ASL-101
Course Offerings:
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