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Adult Healthii & Role Transiti (PNU-211)
In this course the student focuses on meeting the holistic self-care needs of the adult patient in the acute care setting. In collaboration with the clinical instructor and RN health team member, the student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate use of critical thinking skills in collecting subjective and objective information, prioritizing care, intervening in meeting patient basic care needs, evaluating outcomes of care, and reporting and recording care. Concepts introduced in previous nursing courses are expanded and integrated into clinical and theory experiences. Emphasis in theory will be placed on more complex acute medical-surgical health deviations, the assessment of signs and symptoms and recognition of medical and nursing interventions, including medication and nutrition therapies. Critical thinking skills will continue to be an avenue for student success in test-taking and clinical performance. Concepts of role transition and accountability will be discussed, as well as skills required for obtaining employment in a health care agency. Content reviews, focused testing, and a clinical practicum will assist the student to prepare for the NCLEX PN Licensure Examination and the assumption of a position as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Course Name: PNU-211
Departments: Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Course Types: Applied Health
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: Prerequisite 1: PNU-210, GPA 2.5; Prerequisite 2: PSY-204, GPA 2.5
Course Offerings: