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Mater./Child,ped.& N (PNU-210)
The focus of this course is the role of the Practical Nurse as a member of a multidisciplinary health team caring for patients and their families in obstetrical, pediatric, and mental health settings. Knowledge and skills are developed that will assist patients to attain self-care requisites, including therapeutic communication, application of growth and development principles, and incorporation of legal and ethical guidelines. Health promotion, maintenance, and restoration are emphasized in clinical experiences with patients and their families. Economic and sociocultural issues that influence the patient and family will be discussed. The student will continue to use the nursing process within the self-care framework in providing care to patients during clinical experiences in inpatient and/or ambulatory obstetric, pediatric, and mental health settings.

Course Name: PNU-210
Departments: Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Course Types: Applied Health
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: PNU-191, Elective, GPA 2.5
Course Offerings:
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