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Adult Health I (PNU-191)
In this course, the student will continue to use the nursing process, within the self-care framework, to assist adult patients in meeting their physiological and psychosocial self-care requisites in the long term and acute care setting. Emphasis will be placed on patient assessment and an understanding of the commonly occurring and chronic conditions that alter an individual's state of wellness. Care of patients pre- and postoperatively, and those experiencing fluid and electrolyte imbalances, infectious diseases, and selected cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and endocrine deviations will be discussed. Principles of clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication will be integrated throughout the course. Content that is presented in the classroom will be reinforced with clinical experiences in the skills laboratory and patient care settings where students will apply basic nursing principles and techniques.

Course Name: PNU-191
Departments: Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Course Types: Applied Health
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: PNU-190, ENG-101 or ENG-112, BIO-102 or BIO-106, PSY-101, GPA 2.5
Course Offerings: