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Nursing Trends & Concepts (PNU-190)
This course introduces the Practical Nursing student to the profession of nursing and the role of the LPN. Trends in nursing practice and the health care delivery system will be discussed. The integration of self-care and critical thinking principles into the nursing process will be a key focus. Fundamental nursing concepts and practices for health promotion, including communication, client teaching, assessment, nutritional support, and general pharmacological and safety principles, will be presented. Students will practice and demonstrate beginning proficiency in selected skills, including the calculation of drug dosages, measurement of vital signs, hygienic care, application of standard precautions, and the use of medical terminology. Prerequisites: All Developmental Course Work, GPA 2.5. Co-requisites: ENG 101 or ENG 112, BIO 102 or BIO 106, PSY 101. 60 lecture hours and 45 clinical lab hours. 5 credit hours (4 theory, 1 clinical lab).

Course Name: PNU-190
Departments: Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Course Types: Applied Health
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