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Accelerated Nursing (NURM-141)
NURM 141 is a comprehensive course designed to establish a sound foundation of knowledge, attitudes and perceptual motor skills necessary for accountable, registered nurse practice. The role of the accountable, responsible registered nurse as it relates to the delivery of evidence- based care to patients experiencing actual/potential, commonly occurring simple basic need/health deviation is explored. Theoretical nursing concepts and related skills with emphasis on self-care, developmental requisites and basic needs of Man form the organizational framework of the course. The nursing process, ethical/legal/historical constructs, communication techniques, teaching-learning principles and nutritional, pathophysiological, pharmacological and psycho-social concepts are applied to meeting the nursing needs of patients experiencing commonly occurring health problems. Prerequisites: BIO 106, BIO 108, CHE 105, NURM 100, PSY 101 and PSY 205, ENG 102, SOC 101, 2 Humanities electives. Corequisite: NRML 141; GPA 2.0. 6.5 lecture hours and 19.5 laboratory hours per week. 13 credit hours.

Course Name: NURM-141
Departments: Nursing
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Prerequisites: Baccalaureate degree or higher and BIO-106, BIO-108, CHE-105, NURM-100, PSY-101 and PSY-205, ENG-102, SOC-101, 2 humanities electives
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