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LPN Transition (NURM-120)
NURM 120 serves as a bridge course designed to facilitate the transition of the student from the role of the LPN to the role of a student preparing for RN practice. The course will introduce the student to the philosophy, objectives, and conceptual framework of the JFK Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder School of Nursing program. The nursing process will be introduced as it relates to evidence-based decision making when planning care for adults with selected basic care need/self-care deficits. Nursing theory, nutrition, pharmacology, psychosocial, ethical and legal concepts related to nursing practice will be examined. The role of the registered nurse as a member of the nursing and health teams will be explored. Laboratory experiences will be provided in adult medical-surgical clinical and classroom facilities. Note: Course is normally offered in a 3-week format. Prerequisites: BIO 106, BIO 108, PSY 101, PSY 205, ENG 102, CHE 105 or CHE 113, and SOC 101. Corequisite: NRML 120; GPA 2.0. 2 lecture and 2 laboratory hours per week. 4 credit hours.

Course Name: NURM-120
Departments: Nursing
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Prerequisites: Current LPN license, BIO-106, BIO-108, PSY-101, PSY-205, ENG-102, ENG-101, BIO-105, CHE-105 or CHE-113, and SOC-101
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