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Nursing IV (NURE-232)
NURE 232 builds upon the foundation of NURE 130, 131, 132, & 231. It explores the nurses's role in caring for adult clients experiencing complex medical-surgical health alterations that are potentially life threatening and adult clients experiencing acute and chronic psychiatric mental health alterations. Learning experiences are provided in the classroom, Learning Simulation Center and in multicultural adult medical/surgical and psychiatric/mental health facilities. 5 hours theory, 15 hours clinical per week. 10 credits. Prerequisites: NURE 231, SOC 101, ENG 102, CHE 114 if CHE 113 was taken, GPA 2.5. Co-requisites: (2) Humanities Electives. Corequisites: NREL 232.

Course Name: NURE-232
Departments: Nursing
Course Types:
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Prerequisites: NURE-231, SOC-101, ENG-102, CHE-114 if CHE-113 was taken, GPA 2.5. All buy-back credits
Course Offerings:
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