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Nursing III (NURE-231)
Nursing 231 builds upon the foundation of NURE 130, 131, and 132. It explores the nurse's role in caring for the pediatric client and childbearing family. In addition, it explores the clients' situations with acute and chronic disruptions of health, as well as complex health deviations which may be life threatening. Clinical experiences are provided in a variety of structured multi cultural health care settings with a parent-child focus. Other learning experiences occur in the classroom with assigned activities in the Learning Simulation Center and the computer lab. 4 hours theory, 12 hours clinical per week. 8 credits. Prerequisites: NURE 132, BIO 108, PSY 204 or PSY 205; GPA 2.5. Co-requisites: ENG 102, SOC 101.

Course Name: NURE-231
Departments: Nursing
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Prerequisites: NURE-132, BIO-108, PSY-204; GPA 2.5
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