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Health & Physical Assessment (NURE-212)
This course builds upon the foundation of LPN education and introduces the student to holistic health assessment and physical examination. The course aims to develop the student's abilities in gathering data to determine client's health status, practices and goals as influenced by his/her own culture. Starting with assessment of normal health parameters, the student will learn to differentiate between what is within and out of acceptable limits. Within the context of care of the perioperative or gerontological client, the student will learn and use physical assessment techniques of inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation as well as other forms of data collection, such as, client interview, chart review, and analysis of laboratory and diagnostic results. The roles of the RN and the LPN in physical assessment/data collection will be discussed. The student will practice physical assessment skills and participate in laboratory experiences using scenarios involving a patient simulator in the Learning/Simulation Center and in the application of concepts in acute health care settings. Students will also review and perform basic clinical nursing skills.

Course Name: NURE-212
Departments: Nursing
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Prerequisites: Proof of current LPN license; all buy-back credits; ADM-110, BIO-105, 106, 108; CHE-105 or 113/114; ENG-101, 102; PSY-101, 204; SOC-101; Humanities 6 credits, GPA 2.5; One-year employement as LPN in a health care setting.
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