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Courses: Bridge-To-Prof.nursing Core Co (NURE-211)

Bridge-To-Prof.nursing Core Co (NURE-211)
This transition course introduces the LPN-to-RN student to the framework and concepts of the Trinitas School of Nursing program. Role socialization, communication principles, nursing process, concept care mapping, teaching/learning principles, critical thinking, legal-ethical standards/issues and the role of cultural competence in contemporary nursing will be explored. Pharmacological concepts will be discussed and a review of medication administration with emphasis on drug/IV calculations will be conducted and regularly reinforced throughout the course. 3 theory hours/week; 3 credits; 15 week course. Prerequisites: Proof of current LPN license; all buy-back credits; BIO 105, 106, 108; CHE 105 or 113/114; ENG 101,102; PSY 101, 204 ; SOC 101; Humanities 6 credits, PSY?204 or PSY 205. GPA 2.5; Co-requisite NURE 212.

Course Name: NURE-211
Departments: Nursing
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Prerequisites: Proof of current LPN license; all buy-back credits; ADM-110, BIO-105, 106, 108; CHE-105 or 113/114; ENG-101, 102; PSY-101, 204; SOC-101; Humanities 6 credits, GPA 2.5; One-year employement as LPN in a health care setting.
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