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Elem Math Analysis I (MAT-143)
An introduction to the concepts and techniques needed to proceed to more advanced mathematics and science courses, such as calculus. Topics include the solution of non-linear equations and inequalities; complex numbers, functions and their properties, circles; parabolas; polynomials functions and their graphs; rational functions and their graphs; inverse functions; synthetic division; the factor and remainder theorems; the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra ; exponential and logarithmic functions ; compound interest ; logistic growth and decay models; exponential growth and decay; Newton's Law of Cooling. Prerequisites: ENG 097, if required, and MAT 119 or satisfactory performance on the College Level Mathematics Test. 4 lecture hours per week, 4 credit hours.

Course Name: MAT-143
Departments: Math
Course Types: Math Gen Ed 4 Credit; Math Science Technology 4
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: Prerequisite 1: MAT-119 or satisfacotry performance on the "College level Mathematics Test"; Prerequisite 2: ENG-097
Course Offerings:
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