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Elementary Statistics (MAT-127)
An elementary course in descriptive statistics and statistical inference. Measures of central tendencies, standard deviation, sampling, and probability distributions, including binomial, normal, and others. Practical problems involving correlation, linear regression, and hypothesis testing are included. Prerequisites: ENG 089; a satisfactory score on the mathematics portion of the College Basic Skills Test, or grade of "C" or better in MAT 016 or MAT 022, or successful completion of MAT 117 or MAT 119, or equivalent. 4 lecture hours per week. 4 credit hours.

Course Name: MAT-127
Departments: Math
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Prerequisites: ENG089, and a satisfactory score on the College Basic Skills Test for Computation and Algebra or grade of "C" or better in MAT011, and MAT015/MAT016 or MAT022
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