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Courses: Interpreting Process Appl in Asl to Eng (HUD-108)

Interpreting Process Appl in Asl to Eng (HUD-108)
A review of theoretical components and principles of interpreting processes discussed in Interpreting Process: Theory and Practice (HUD 105) for application towards basic skill development in interpreting and transliterating from ASL/Signed English to Spoken English. Theories and Techniques of public speaking are discussed and applied. Strategies for effective comprehension and text analysis are discussed and practiced. Skill development application will be conducted within class. Field observation on specific aspects of ASL to English Interpreting will be required. Prerequisites: ASL 202 and HUD 105 and demonstration of proficiency by examination. 3 lecture hours per week. 3 credit hours.

Course Name: HUD-108
Departments: Psychology-Sociology
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Prerequisites: ASL-202 and HUD-105
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