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Introduction to Illustration (FIA-209)
An introductory studio course which provides the student with a basic vocabulary and fundamental understanding of the concepts, techniques, and skills involved in the visual arts communication field of illustration. Along with a historic and contemporary examination of illustration, the student is taught to differentiate between product, journalistic, and advertising forms of illustration. Considerable time is spent on specific studio approaches to illustration including use of pencil and dry media, pen and ink, watercolor, oil, gouache, tempera, acrylic painting techniques and applied computer technology. Prerequisites: FIA 109 or FIA 110 or permission of instructor. 3 lecture hours per week. 3 credit hours.

Course Name: FIA-209
Departments: English-Mod Language-FA
Course Types:
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: FIA-109 or FIA-110
Course Offerings:
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