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Eng Comp Other Lang I (ENG-111)
This course is designed as a writing course for students whose first language is not English. The sequence of ENG 111 andENG 112serves as a substitute for ENG 101for which the student receives three credits. The other three credits counts towards humanities/language elective credits. English 111 improves students' skills as successful academic writers. The focus of this course is to teach students the necessary steps involved in writing a research paper, including summarizing, paraphrasing, citing, and writing a bibliography using MLA style. Attention is given to the cultural implications of thought patterns, organization, and academic writing conventions in English.

Course Name: ENG-111
Departments: English-Mod Language-FA
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Prerequisites: ESL-067 or ESL 097 or place into English 111 on the ESL Placement Test.
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