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Access (CIS-116)
This course introduces the student to the use of a current version of Microsoft Access. Students create a database and learn to maximize productivity. Some of the topics included are creating a database, organizing and retrieving data, working with tables, creating queries and advanced queries, building forms, reports and data access pages, automating and extending Access, entering criteria, sorting, structure, validation, referential integrity, the World Wide Web, Hyperlink fields, briefcase replication, Wizards, and macros. Materials covered in this course help prepare the student for the Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist (MCAS) exam in Access. This course is also listed as ADM 216. Prerequisites: ADM 101, ENG 089 and MAT 011. 2 lecture and 2 laboratory hours per week. 3 credit hours.

Course Name: CIS-116
Departments: Business
Course Types:
Course Locations:
Prerequisites: Accuplacer Reading Min Score 71 (and) ENG-089, MAT-011
Course Offerings:
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